Musical albums


For all albums described below, please contact Mujiba by email for ordering information. Also, see LINKS page for additional sites that carry these albums.

Moving Breath

Moving Breath was formed in 1991 to create the first album, She Changes, a collection of songs from healing circles, with some original songs composed by members of the group. She Changes remains a favorite album in the present time, primarily as a resource for learning the sacred songs and chants which everyone enjoys singing.

She Dreams which is a collection of original material composed by group members with a wide variety of instrumentation. This lush arrangement of chants, prayers and songs is designed to take the listener on a journey into the Dream. 


Zaremaya is the duo Lorin Grean and Mujiba Cabugos who were inspired to create music as a tribute to loved ones who had crossed over. Seeing Sound, Hearing Color is a sound journey consisting of the two women’s voices with vibrational instruments, folk harp and piano. All pieces were composed by Lorin and Mujiba.

Inside the album cover is this description:

While tending to our loved ones in their time of crossing over

We found ourselves dissolved in an ocean of emotion-

Privileged witnesses and astonished observers of conversations with spirits.

As we kept vigil through their transition to the other side

our senses expanded beyond the ordinary.

In that state we found new voices and songs

and danced in the realm of Seeing Sound, Hearing Color.


tingsha’s music produces harmonic sounds that stimulates the body to resonate with its own harmonic balance. The session was recorded “live” during a healing session in Ojai, California in 1998.