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The Homeopathic Consultation consists of an initial interview of approximately 2 hours with follow-up consultations on a monthly basis until the main complaint is resolved. After the initial interview the practitioner will study the array of symptoms to determine the homeopathic remedy that is indicated. Many complaints may be addressed with homeopathy in all age groups from acute disorders such as injuries, colds and flu to chronic disorders in all bodily systems. Homeopathy is also effective for symptoms that arise in the transition stages of life- in pregnancy, childbirth, childhood, puberty, menopause and end of life care.

The State of California does not offer licenses in homeopathic medicine. Mujiba Cabugos is not a physician. Homeopathy is complementary to healing arts that are licensed by the State of California.  Under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code (commonly known as the Medical Practice Act), Mujiba may offer services in homeopathy as long as she meets certain requirements and restrictions, which are described here.


Many maladies may be addressed on the spirit level through shamanic healing practices. The practitioner serves as a go-between amongst other worlds or realities and ordinary reality to enlist the help of compassionate spirits for advice and healing. The idea of health in the shamanic perspective is for the soul to be unfragmented, free of harmful intrusions, whole and empowered. Shamanic practices are focused on aiding the person to this state of wholeness.

A shamanic healing session may last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. At times successive sessions are needed to complete the healing. Shamanic healing complements any other healing modality that the client may engage.

In addition to private, individual healing sessions, Mujiba facilitates drumming circles to provide the opportunity for other practitioners to cultivate their own connections with helping spirits through shamanic journey practice.

Mujiba Cabugos makes no claims of guarantees of cures or predictions of results.  There is no encouragement to forsake other medical or healing modalities that the client may have enlisted to help with their condition.


Mujiba is a member of the group “tingsha” which provides meditative journey sessions aided by the use of vibrational instruments. These sessions are referred to as Harmonic Renewal.  tingsha uses Tibetan bowls, gongs, rhythmic instruments, bells, drums and voice to provide a lush vibrational environment in which to meditate, relax and journey thereby stimulating resonances that are healing for mind, body and soul. Individual and private sessions by tingsha are available upon request.

Mujiba also provides individual sound healing sessions as part of the shamanic healing practice.

Mujiba has created and contributed to a number of musical albums available on CD.

She Changes by Moving Breath

She Dreams by Moving Breath

Seeing Sound Hearing Color by Zaremaya

A Call to Here and Now by tingsha

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